Chamisa urges Prof Moyo to tone down CCC lack of structures criticism; exiled former minister defiant

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By Leopold Munhende, Chief Reporter

CITIZENS Coalition for Change (CCC) president Nelson Chamisa has sent a veiled plea to exiled former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo urging him to tone down his continued onslaught against the opposition party.

Moyo has not been sparing any sacred cows in his analysis of the opposition party, which he has over the past weeks described as a “secret society”, and gone as far as suggesting it should be barred from contesting future elections.

The sticking point is the new outfit’s decision to operate without any structures or constitution, a move that has irked the former information minister whose offers to work with the movement were snubbed last year.

“Whereas elsewhere, a political coalition is an umbrella group or an alliance of different political parties and groups with either an electoral pact or a governance pact or both; in Zimbabwe, it is one constitution-less and structureless political party with unelected leadership!” Moyo said, before Chamisa’s plea.

Despite Moyo’s constant attacks, Chamisa and his lieutenants have maintained they will continue without the said structures so as to avoid infiltration by the ruling Zanu PF party.

“We win together. I wholeheartedly thank you fellow citizens for believing in the new,” said Chamisa on social media.

“Our plan to build an exciting and prosperous Zimbabwe is solid. I kindly encourage that we be civil, cordial and tolerant of divergent opinions. When we win, Zimbabwe wins. We all win!!”


Moyo, who until recently had been a strong proponent of the Chamisa and a CCC takeover at next year’s polls, seems to have changed heart.

Besides labelling the party as formless, Moyo has also dismissed Chamisa’s chances.

Chamisa, on the other hand dug in, labelling those trying to pressure him into setting up structures as “Zanu PF coaches.”

His behaviour will however, play into the hands of then MDC Alliance officials who last year fought tooth and nail against him being roped into the opposition’s fold to assist in its policy formulation and planning.

Asked whether he would prefer a CCC government to a Zanu PF one by CCC treasurer David Coltart, Moyo said: “But Coltart, a comparison of ‘worse’ and ‘bad’ does not make the ‘bad’ good.

“You don’t become a democrat by self-proclamation nor does an old intolerant party become tolerant by a nominal change of its name; when its base typically caricatures and demonises divergent views!”