Chamisa blasts govt for forcing police to wear ‘toilet chambers’ all the time

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By Staff Reporter

Mutare: MDC leader Nelson Chamisa says government should stop humiliating police officers by forcing them to put on “toilet chambers” (anti-riot helmets) on their heads every day.

Chamisa said this while addressing party supporters in Mutare Sunday.

He said “chambers” were meant to be in toilets and not heads of police officers.

“Police yedu daily vakuuya vakaiswa machamber mumusoro. Matoilets ndiwo anoda machamber iwawo,” said Chamisa, drawing laughter from party supporters.

The opposition leader said government should stop subjecting the police to ridiculous things.

“Why do you subject our cops to ridiculous things? You cannot have citizens who are paying taxes being beaten up, that is why there are no rains because God is not happy,” Chamisa said.

The opposition leader said the country was facing a humanitarian crisis due to mismanagement and lack of planning by those in power, adding “8, 2 million were in need of food aid in the country”.

“8,2 million are in need of food aid because we did not plan. The problem is that we have leaders who do not see ahead. We say we have responsible ministers and what is he (Mnangagwa) doing if he can’t plan for the people,” said Chamisa.

He assured his supporters that they will not starve as he has managed to source for food for the country from aid agencies and donors.

“As I was travelling across the world, I also asked the aid agencies to bring aid to our country. I told them to put politics aside and make sure food is brought to starving people,” he said.

Chamisa said he told donors and agencies to ensure that the food is not used as a political weapon by those in power.

“I told WFP and other donors to ensure the food is distributed fairly and not on political grounds. We don’t want the aid to be used as a political weapon when in actual fact, we are the ones who would have requested for such help,” said the MDC leader.

He said he will soon visit the United States of America (USA) as part of his diplomatic offensive across the world.

“I went to UK, Denmark, and Germany as part of my diplomatic offensive. I will be travelling to USA soon,” said Chamisa.

The opposition chief said there was need for political dialogue to ensure that the country was rescued from its current economic and political chaos.

“We need to sit down and talk to solve political and legitimacy crisis. The (Western imposed) sanctions can be lifted only if we solve our political problems in the country,” said Chamisa.

“We need to restore confidence and deal with corruption decisively in the country. We need to create a conducive economic environment for local entrepreneurs to thrive in their endeavours,” said Chamisa.