Chamisa blasts Mnangagwa over ‘terrorist’ comments

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

MDC ALLIANCE leader Nelson Chamisa has slammed President Emmerson Mnangagwa over divisive leadership and labelling political opponents as terrorists who must be flashed out.

This follows recent threats by Mnangagwa against the opposition following a foiled July 31 anti-government protest the national leader said was meant to forcibly remove him from power.

“This business of branding and blaming, labelling, condemning citizens as bad apples or terrorist to be flashed out it is unacceptable, it is the leader who set the tone for amenity, peace and harmony,” Chamisa said Sunday.

Chamisa reminded his rival of the duties of a leader he said should be found uniting as opposed to antagonising his people.

“The frequency of any nation is set at the top by the leader, by the leadership, a leader take practical steps, ways means and measures to hear what the people are saying, to listen to the citizens and hear their plea.

“So that he is able heal not kill; comfort, not threaten; treat not injure, to bring together and not tear apart to forgive and not revenge to love and not to hurt.

“To encourage and not to victimize, a leader must be able to mobilise tools plus resources to bring hope, joy, happiness, freedom to the doorsteps of the citizens without any consideration of the shed of political opinion.

“A leader must protect, a leader cares, a leader comfort, a leader apologises when they make a mistake and when things are not in order and when citizens are violated, a leader brings the nation and the people together.

Chamisa added, “A leader must not segregate or choose, a leader must be not be partisan, a leader must have self-respect, an inner control, a check and red lights, a stop signal when things are not working.

“But it is only bad leaders who point fingers, who accuse, who blame, a bad leader blame everyone and everything expect themselves.

“They seek to explain problems instead of solving them, they deny reality and they bury their heads in the sand.”

President Mnangagwa and his administration have come under fire for rampant abuses and intolerance towards opponents of the ruling Zanu PF party, government critics, journalists and church leaders.

In his comments, Chamisa bemoaned continued rights violations in the country he described as a pariah state and epicenter of the evil.

Chamisa said under Zanu PF rule was now an outpost of state terrorism against innocent, peaceful civilians.

“I come to you in unprecedented circumstances of national crisis, things are worsening every day, the situation is deteriorating, the situation is decaying and decomposing,” he said.

“Over the past few weeks and days, our country has attracted the attention and critical eye of the world.

“Zimbabwe has now been placed under international radar after our country witnessed uncalled for, circumstances that meant citizen abuse, citizen harassment and citizen violations.

“There is a global condemnation of arbitrary arrest, detentions and abductions, torture and victimisation of the opposition, our lawyers, medical professionals, teachers and journalists, our bishops, the civil society leaders at large.

“Zimbabwe has been turned into a banana republic.”

The opposition leader said was however encouraged to note that Zimbabweans have finally realised that the call to return legitimacy and democracy in Zimbabwe has never been a partisan, political pursuit of power or personal ambition.

“But, it is about freedom of our country and the better livelihoods for all Zimbabweans, ending corruption, returning to full constitutionalism and full democracy with the rule of law,” he said.

“It has become so apparent that if we are all going to wait for the other to do it, it will never get done, it will never be done, it is about us, for us with us, none but ourselves.

“I acknowledge the goodwill and solidarity exhibited by progressive fellow Africans in the region and on the continent but of course globally by everyone who is concerned, who has shown their support to the people of Zimbabwe indeed lives matter.”

He also pleaded with his political opponents to stop name-calling and hate speech.