Chamisa charms traditional leaders, says Chiefs are not Zanu PF “errand boys”

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By Clayton Shereni I Masvingo Correspondent

AS the country gears up for 2023 elections, the main opposition political outfit, Citiziens’ Coalition for Change (CCC), has pledged to improve the welfare of traditional leaders, police officers and soldiers if voted into power.

Speaking during victory celebrations held in Masvingo Sunday, CCC leaders, Nelson Chamisa and his deputy, Lynette Kore, took turns to assure the electorate that their government-in-waiting would change the fortunes of chiefs, headmen and members of the security establishment.

Chamisa took a dig at the ruling Zanu PF, saying the former guerilla movement was politicising and personalising security forces.

“I have said it before, no one owns soldiers, police or the CIO. I know you (security forces) are in here though you aren’t in uniform. The security forces don’t belong to anyone and my government will make sure that there is a decent living for every Zimbabwean, including security forces,” he said.

The maverick CCC president also pleaded for a chance to lead Zimbabwe inorder to prove that he was not a failure.

“Just try me for one week and see if things don’t change for the best. Try me and see if I am going to fail,” he added.

He also warned: “We have heard of voter intimidation Siyanai nekutora ma sabhuku sanamujibha vemusangano (Desist from taking headmen as you party commissars). I’m going into the rural areas and I have assured people that we are the government in waiting, all of the (bad) things which is happening in rural areas is coming to an end,” said Chamisa.

Kore, who is CCC vice president, also pledged fair agricultural inputs distribution.

“We have heard of people being turned away at agricultural inputs dispatch points in rural areas due to political allegiance, but when president Nelson Chamisa is elected into power, that will be a thing of the past,” Kore said.

In solidarity speeches, Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union (Artuz) also bemoaned deteriorating living conditions in the country.

The labour body advocated for a decent living wage in hard currency, which they said was long overdue.