Chamisa claims Zanu PF paying ‘infiltrators’ to destabilise CCC; warns party members against sabotage

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By Reason Razao

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Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) leader, Nelson Chamisa has made sensational claims that ruling Zanu PF was offering money and other inducements to gullible opposition activists in order to destabilise the new alternative government-in-waiting.

He said CCC would not hesitate to expel party members who fall for Zanu PF’s “irresistible” enticement.

Chamisa, who was hinting at potential infiltration by the ruling party, revealed that some of his members were being offered money to sabotage the opposition.

The youthful opposition leader, who has been on the receiving end of Zanu PF ridicule for running a supposedly structureless formation, said there were attempts to hijack his close allies.

“A crazy season is upon us, expect a lot of drama and shifts in the next months,” Chamisa said.


“Be vigilant, watch out! They will and are compromising some, even pouring in serious money into various pockets,” he added.

The CCC leader warned that some will fall prey to Zanu PF shenanigans ahead of 2023 general elections in which he faces President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who was at the weekend endorsed as his party’s sole presidential candidate.

“Some will fall for it and fall by the wayside. Be careful, act smart, win big,” said Chamisa.

The country is headed for a general election in less than nine months, but the main opposition CCC is yet to avail structures, an accusation Chamisa says was wrong.

Last month, the CCC leader said those within his party knew of the existence of structures.

“Who said the party does not have structures? There is a difference in saying the party has no structures and saying that we do not know the party structures,” Chamisa was quoted then.

“If you do not know then you are not part of the family, but those who are part of the family know that you cannot exist in form and and shape without a structure.”

Critics have, however, persistently taken a swipe at the lawyer-cum-politician, saying he should not be allowed to contest polls on the basis of not being a formally constituted political entity.

“Parties with no structures, constitution should be barred from contesting elections,” said Jonathan Moyo in one of the attacks on CCC.

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