Chamisa has captured the ZCTU says pressure group

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

A group of disgruntled MDC supporters, claims labour federation the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union (ZTCU), has been captured by opposition leader Nelson Chamisa and will not question his undemocratic tendencies.

The supporters calling themselves Defense of Morgan Tsvangirai Legacy (DMTL), said the workers union leaders were in-charge of the party’s chaotic nomination process ahead of congress later this month but failed to raise alarm.

“The ZCTU has been sucked into the politics of patronage. They are at the heart of the infrastructure that is attacking the MDC’s democratic value system built over two decades,” said DMTL deputy spokesperson Warship Dumba.

However, the ZCTU has rejected claims it was assigned to oversee the MDC congress process, but Chamisa recently told that the opposition party had selected some leaders from the labour federation to be part of its independent electoral commission.

In a thinly veiled attack on Chamisaa, Dumba said his group will not support an undemocratic.

Chamisa has been nominated as substantive party leader by all 13 MDC provinces amid reports has been less than transparent and legitimate.

“We have no confidence in the leadership which promotes division, un-constitutionalism and lack of justice.

“MDC has been infiltrated by greedy people who have gone to bed with Zanu PF through the G40 faction. These enemies of the struggle for democracy who have now been smuggled into the party through the back door.

“The manner in which the MDC is running its internal processes is typical of the Zanu PF leadership under (former President) Robert Mugabe,” Dumba said.

Former Harare councillor, Dumba added that gone are days when ZTCU could give guidance to the opposition party and call out leaders when they erred.

“The ZCTU failed to condemn the violence and flawed processes. As a founding partner in the MDC, the labour federation has failed to take a position that would serve democracy,” lamented the DMTL spokesperson.

Dumba added: “The MDC has become immune to justice and democracy. The ZCTU’s silence means it is complicit in the manipulation, violence and ballot stuffing that has been witnessed during this congress process.

“This has lead to erosion of confidence from the MDC. We therefore will not support crooks and those selling out our struggle to those who used to beat us and those who killed our brothers and sisters in the struggle.”