Chamisa In Rare Praise Of Govt’s Efforts In Tackling Covid-19

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By Staff Reporter

MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa Thursday issued rare praise of government over its response in tackling the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

In a live Thursday Facebook broadcast on his page on the Covid-19 situation in Zimbabwe, the main opposition leader said he was happy the outbreak of the deadly pandemic had not been politicised and his party was ready to offer a viable alternative to government to help halt its spread.

“The response by the ministry of health in particular, and the government in general, is noted and appreciated. Various initiatives have been instituted to ameliorate the situation,” Chamisa, a rabid government critic said.

“I am happy that it is not being politicised, there is no partisan agenda. This cannot be reduced to be partisan. Although the approach by the government has been deficient in a number of areas, and in several key areas, we choose not to play politics over a very important matter.

“We have steered clear of finding fault or blame gaming. The objective underlining this proposed plan against Covid-19 is to offer a palpable, credible and viable alternative policy framework to the manner in which the government has approached Covid-19 response to this extent,” he said.

Chamisa suggested Zimbabwe should adopt its own unique response to the global pandemic, which in Zimbabwe by Wednesday, 32 304 cases and 1 122 deaths had been recorded.

“We suggest a uniquely Zimbabwe response that is customised and tailored to the experiences of our great nation. Our hospitals are overwhelmed and failing to cope with Covid-19 patients. The situation is not good at all and our resources are strained.”

The opposition leader also paid tribute to healthcare workers and security forces for working tirelessly fighting the pandemic.

“In this regard, we salute our warriors, our nurses, our doctors, our healthcare workers who have been stunning and outstanding as battalion of patriots, as national zealots for their courage and ingenuity for our country and we remain in debt to them and their families.

“We also honour our police, soldiers, prison, and intelligence services, including all those who are offering essential services in various sectors. Allow me also to thank our neighbouring countries in particular South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia for being the burden of diaspora citizens on our behalf.”