Chamisa promises political prisoners, Sikhala, Ngarivhume immediate release in party’s blueprint  

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

CITIZENS Coalition for Change (CCC) on Friday launched the party‘s blueprint document titled “A New Great Zimbabwe Blueprint”

The draft which is a guide of the party‘s economic, social, and political trajectory once elected into power during the August 23 elections was launched in Bulawayo.

The proposed plan outlines 20 key actions the new government intends to implement within its first 100 days in office.

Top on the agenda of the 20 key actions will be the immediate release of all political prisons scattered around the country‘s jails.

“As soon as we get into power, we will make sure that all political prisoners such as Job Sikhala, Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) activists and Jacob Ngarivhume are freed. We will also reverse oppressive laws such as the Patriotic Bill and Private Voluntary organization act,” said CCC president Nelson Chamisa while speaking at the launch.

Nine MRP activists were jailed following their convictions last year on public violence charges after they stormed Bulawayo Central Police Station protesting the foiled abduction of their party leader Mqondisi Moyo allegedly by state security agents.

Firebrand CCC politician Job Sikhala has clocked over a year in pretrial detention and opposition leader Jacob Ngarivhume was also jailed for public violence incitement.

Chamisa also pledged to trim his cabinet to only 15 ministers.

“The citizens’ government undertake to trim the size of the current to ensure a lean and mean cabinet of not more than 15 ministers. A small component bureaucracy could be an essential cog in the implementation and execution of the New Great Zimbabwe promise,” he added.

He said his government will re-introduce executive mayors as well as give title deeds to urbanites, all farmland and new farmers. The launch was attended by several senior CCC members.