Chamisa says his gvt will not reverse land reform

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By Anna Chibamu

CITIZENS Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa says he will not allow the reversal of the fast-track land reform programme if elected into office during next year’s general elections.

He said this in his 42nd Independence Day message.

Chamisa said it was important for the nation to respect and honour those who contributed to the country’s liberation struggle and urged Zimbabweans to unite and develop the country as a unitary force despite political differences.

He sang from the same hymn book as Zanu PF’s and even aped the ruling party’s campaign mantra “Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo (Zimbabwe shall be built by its people),” and urged those who benefitted from the programme to use the land productively.

“It is not easy for us to have a liberated country where people worked hard and sacrificed their lives for us to enjoy this day. We have reclaimed our soil back and as such, the soil remains ours,” Chamisa said.

“The land that was given to the people through the land reform programme will remain ours. The programme is, therefore, irreversible. No one shall separate us from our land and we will remain united on the agreement we made as Zimbabweans to take back what is ours. Let us preserve the land and work hard to produce as a nation,” Chamisa said.

e added that independence meant “a happy people, poverty-free nation, employment to every productive citizen, access to education and health-care, accessible roads network, having mechanized agriculture as well as smart agriculture”.

“Independence means the respect of citizens and their dignity by leaders, good relationships, love and unity, free and fair elections without rigging, no killing of each other because the peace Zimbabweans enjoy was brought about by those elders, some of who are late,” he said.

Chamisa urged Zimbabweans to register to vote saying: “The new gun today is not the AK47 but the vote.”

He urged the government to respect war veterans and pensioners and give them enough money to survive.

Chamisa also called for the Independence day (18 April) celebrations to be extended till the end of the month where different activities will take place to honour all those who fought for the liberty being enjoyed by every citizen today.