Chamisa says to deal with legitimacy storm after Covid-19 menace

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa says he will only focus his energies on issues around his disputed leadership when the country has subdued the rampaging coronavirus.

He was speaking Wednesday in a televised online press conference, the first since Zimbabwean courts ruled his rise to the helm of the main opposition was done in violation of the party constitution back in 2018.

Chamisa feels his political misfortunes were acts of aggression by opponents outside the MDC factions.

“We cannot afford to do point scoring or looking at the scoreboard in terms of political points, there are no points to be scored, there is no political scoreboard, there is only Zimbabwe to serve,” he said.

The opposition politician, who strongly disputes the 2018 election outcome in which Zanu PF’s Emmerson Mnangagwa emerged state leader, has been refusing any form of cooperation with the current administration until the Mnangagwa legitimacy issue is addressed.

However, in the wake of the Covid-19 menace threatening to decimate world populations, Chamisa has volunteered his party’s participation in efforts to fight the scourge.

Said the MDC chief, “We don’t want politicisation of the pandemic. We will put politics aside and assist the government to craft those measures.

“We have chosen to put politics aside and we want to assist government to craft those measures, then we can deal with our legitimacy issues soon after defeating the virus that is affecting all of us.”

He added, “We have former ministers, we have engineers, we have lawyers, we have economists, researchers and experts in various areas of necessity and need.

“The diverse skills we have in our organisation are so tremendous that they can actually assist the nation at this critical time.

“We are ready to assist. We are ready to help, we are ready to cooperate, we are ready to do our bit without pointing fingers.

“This is why in this statement, the emphasis is not to blame but to make sure that we are able to up the game together and move forward.

“This is particularly when we realised that whenever we are invited, we have never been defeated.”

Chamisa added, “During the liberation struggle, we united under the liberation consensus, we won hands down, we can do the same in fighting this pandemic and beyond in the transformation of consensus to rebuild our country.”

He also urged Zimbabwean ministers, legislators and councillors to volunteer fractions of their pays towards programmes aimed at fighting coronavirus.

Zimbabwe has 18 confirmed Covid-19 cases with three resulting in death so far.