Chamisa says Uzumba has never known independence; notes ‘massive intimidation, 24-hour surveillance of villagers by Zanu PF 

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By Leopold Munhende|Chief Correspondent 

CITIZENS Coalition for Change (CCC) president, Nelson Chamisa, has said villagers in Zanu PF stronghold Uzumba are yet to enjoy fruits of independence due to ruling party militia engaged in activities meant to terrorise, harass and intimidate them.

Posting on Twitter, Chamisa said headmen and chiefs were being used to force villagers into supporting Zanu PF, whose members were keeping a close eye on them.

“Updates From Uzumba indicate massive victimisation, intimidation and terror against citizens, especially opposition. Citizens in Uzumba have not known independence, freedoms, rights and peace. (There is) abuse of chiefs and village heads to force villagers to support the hugely unpopular Zanu PF party,” said Chamisa.

“Food and government support only available to Zanu PF party members, horror stories of violence in 2008. Most violence perpetrators, especially Zanu PF militia, are now dead in mysterious deaths.

“Assisted voters and command voting, citizens in villages under 24/7 surveillance by Zanu PF. The roads are bad, no schools and clinics , no jobs and disposable income.

“Citizens in Uzumba are very courageous and determined. They need our support. Change must happen. Uzumba must be free, independent and at peace.”

Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe (UMP) has a history of massive support for the ruling party, which has been questioned, especially during election time when huge numbers are always recorded.

In November last year, villagers warned President Emmerson Mnangagwa they will not be able to vote Zanu PF at next year’s polls as a result of the government’s unilateral decision to have them displaced by Chinese owned Heijin Mining Company.

Mnangagwa had to set up a ministerial taskforce to address the matter.

“Our roads have not been maintained since independence. We vote for Zanu PF all the time but there is no progress here in Maramba,” said a villager during a joint parliamentary committee on transport and sustainable development goals in April this year, during its tour of Uzumba.