Chamisa seeks meeting with ED, writes letter to the president

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MDC-T President Nelson Chamisa has written to President Emmerson Mnangagwa requesting for a meeting to discuss the challenges facing the country.

In a statement issued Tuesday, Chamisa said the opposition should not be viewed as enemies of the state but partners in national development.

“I have written to him with the aim of defining and framing the parameters and contours of a national discourse in our country’s politics,” he said.

Chamisa said he was yet to be given dates for the meeting.

The opposition leader said the country should eliminate insults, animosity and hatred in national politics.

Chamisa said the MDC-T will participate at all national events, adding that such programmes must involve all stakeholders.

“In that context, national holidays and national events should be inclusive and not be dominated by a single political party,” he said.

He said the Independence Day, which is held on the 18th of April, should be used to reflect on whether the country should have a national dress.

The MDC-T leader said his party, if elected into government, would dedicate the whole month to Independence celebrations.

“We will introduce an Independence month of celebrations whose key sign post will include festivities, discussions, seminars, lecture series as well as national tours to important national sites,” he said.