Chamisa sets self against CCC youths over claimed imposition of greenhorn Ngadziore

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By Staff Reporter

CITIZENS’ Coalition for Change (CCC) leader, Nelson Chamisa is poised to announce elevation of former student activist, Takudzwa Ngadziore, as party’s youth assembly chairperson, it has emerged. has it on good authority Ngadziore’s promotion, on an interim basis to replace Obey Sithole, who left for Europe to further his studies, will be announced next week.

He will be joined by Norway-based Pashor Sibanda, who is coming in as secretary general, while Womberaiishe Nhende will be elevated from deputy spokesperson to national organising secretary.

The three will complement those voted into office at then MDC Alliance’s 2018 Congress in Gweru in leading a youth structure comprised of veteran activists such as Cecilia Chimbiri and Makomborero Haruzivishe, who recently skipped the country citing persecution.


Sibanda will replace Ostallos Siziba, who is now the party’s deputy national spokesperson, deputising Fadzai Mahere.

Both Siziba and Mahere said they were in meetings when called to confirm the appointment. The meeting they were in was reportedly meant to iron out final arrangements within the association after another one Monday.

Ngadziore’s phone was being picked up by his mother when called for a comment.

Sources within the assembly, however, said Chamisa’s decision was ill-advised as Ngadziore was too junior and fresh from college to lead individuals who have been holding the grouping together for years.

“We honestly cannot be led by Ngadziore, he is not just too junior, but could just be the least effective Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) president since inception of the association,” said a source who declined to be named.

“It is our hope that Chamisa will give reasons for these appointments. If he is coming in to replace Sithole, who has been away for some time, then should Chimbiri not be considered rather than picking someone from we do not know where?

“We honestly cannot have Ngadziore giving orders to Stephen ‘Sarkozy’ Chuma, Chimbiri or even Nhende.”

The assembly has been dismantled by recent departures of key leaders to further their education in European countries such as Norway, the UK and Sweden while others have fled ruling Zanu PF’s abuse of the judiciary to keep them in prison on what have been termed “trumped up charges.”

Added another: “None of those in the current youth executive will respect him (Ngadziore), Chamisa should know this.

“It is actually funny he is expected to edit Chuma’s statement, be introduced at rallies by Nhende and be called commander by Chimbiri. We want to see how and who he will lead.”