Chamisa: Zim on autopilot since independence, time to dump Zanu PF

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MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa said the country will hold polls this winter not to give Zanu PF another chance to extend its 38 year misrule but to give Zimbabweans an opportunity to choose leaders of their choice in a free and fair environment.

Chamisa made these remarks while addressing a rally which was held at Kondo Business Centre in Nyanga North Sunday.

He said the polls will ensure that the aspirations of those who died during the war are fulfilled.

“The country is not going to polls to extend Zanu PF misrule and governance but to give people of Zimbabwe an opportunity to choose leaders of their choice in a free and fair environment.

“We want to ensure that the aspiration of those who died in the liberation struggle are fulfilled thus one man one vote,” said Chamisa amid a thunderous applause from the crowd.

Chamisa said since independence in 1980, Zimbabwe has never had have a clear vision, adding “it was on auto pilot”.

“Where there is vision you see where the country is going. Mugabe did not build the nation. We had a country but not a nation.

“We have a country but we don’t have people with control of their country. What we call a nation is whereby citizens are respected by their government.

“As MDC, we want to ensure that Zimbabwe has a clear vision because without vision the country cannot move forward. Mugabe from 1980 when he took over, the country did not have vision.

“Here in Nyanga I know you are facing challenges of partisan distribution of food and inputs from government,” said Chamisa.

If voted into office, Chamisa said his government will only doll out `freebies` to deserving members of the society such as orphans and widows.

Under the MDC government, Chamisa said, leaders will be servants of the people not vice versa.

“Those voted into office must come back and hear the concerns of the electorate. We don’t want leaders who only come back to solicit for votes during election period. Our government will not tolerate MPs and councilors who leave their constituencies soon after being voted into office. Those caught will be fired,” said Chamisa.

Chamisa also said the MDC government will not pursue the `Zanu PF type of governance` whereby deadwood is recycled.

“Ministers, the culture of embezzling state funds will not be tolerated. The type of governance where corrupt ministers are shuffled from one ministry to the other to line their pocket will not be tolerated under the new MDC government.

“There will be no culture of recycling corrupt ministers from one ministry to the other. Those convicted of corruption and embezzlement of state funds must rot in jail.

“We want deterrent sentences for those convicted of plundering state resources. They should spend the rest of their lives behind bars. They are worse off than cattle rustlers so they should get more than nine years,” said Chamisa.

He said under the MDC, traditional leaders will not be installed by the party or government but in line with their genealogy.