EXCLUSIVE: CCC rules out primaries for 2023 elections; sets voter registration targets for aspiring candidates

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By Leopold Munhende | Chief Correspondent

CITIZENS Coalition for Change (CCC) has reportedly set strict conditions for members aspiring for council and parliamentary seats in next year’s harmonised elections.

The newly-formed opposition movement will not hold primary polls to choose candidates, but instead will put thresholds for an aspirant to achieve in mobilising voters in their respective ward or constituency inorder to qualify to stand as CCC candidate.

The conditions, according to CCC deputy spokesperson Ostallos Siziba, were meant to bolster the party’s voter registration drive ahead of the crunch plebiscites.

They are part of its citizens’ candidate selection process that is yet to commence.

“We will be announcing conditions that the party has set for those interested in running for office, be it at council or parliamentary level,” said Siziba.

“Part of our efforts to mobilise voters will include a specific number of new registered voters that any sitting Member of Parliament (MP), or councillor should gunner in order to be redeployed by citizens, back into public office.”


CCC is targeting six million votes in the 2023 polls.

The move would add onto its much-vaunted rural mobilisation strategy which is aimed at penetrating Zanu PF strongholds, Siziba said.

The party’s old guard was looking at bouncing back through the impending process, while new entrants from the youth assembly also expected to put names out for selection.

Nelson Chamisa has already been confirmed CCC presidential candidate in the do-or-die elections.