Chaos rock Mugabe party; spokesman denies interim leader resignation

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Staff Reporter

THE opposition National Patriotic Front (NPF) which is associated with former President Robert Mugabe but headed in the interim by leader Ambrose Mutinhiri has been rocked by what it called a disinformation campaign involving a reported resignation.

A statement bearing the party’s logo Wednesday afternoon claimed Mutinhiri had thrown in the towel with former Bulawayo Provincial Affairs minister Eunice Sandi Moyo having stepped in as leader. 

No reasons were given for the claimed resignation but NPF spokesperson Jealous Mawarire was left in fire-fighting mood, accusing President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government of a “desperate disinformation campaign”.

“The National Patriotic Front (NPF) wishes to advise the media and the public about the sudden upturn in fake news articles generated in the name and about its leadership. 

“Our president Rtd Brigadier General Ambrose Mutinhiri has not retired and is not under any pressure to quit,” Mawarire said.

He claimed the party is growing and working on a plan to rid the country of the “junta regime”. 

“NPF is phenomenally growing and is engaging supporters on the need to end military rule and return the country to civilian governance. 

“Our pro-people policies on land reform, indigenisation and economic empowerment of the black populace are endearing us to the electorate,” said Mawarire.

“Our people are aware of the destabilising effects of the November 15 2017 coup and have seen in NPF the only alternative to return the country to constitutionalism.”

Mnangagwa swept to power on the back of a largely bloodless military coup in November last year after Mugabe was forced to resign.

The NPF was formed from the ashes of a faction for which Mugabe was godfather with his wife Grace seen as de facto leader.

Mawarire seemed to suggest the NPF has adopted Mugabe’s flagship policies of indigenisation, land reform and beneficiation.

“The people have refused the political apostasy of a regime which is rooted in the reversal of the gains we had made through the land reform, resource value addition and beneficiation. 

“The regime is aware that NPF has endeared itself to the electorate hence the desperate misinformation moves,” said Mawarire.

He added that Mnangagwa’s administration has been rattled by the NPF’s “growing popularity”.