Chaos Rocks Mwonzora’s Party; Losing Parliamentary Candidate Calls For His Sacking

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By Leopold Munhende, Chief Reporter

LOSING MDC-T parliamentary candidate for Epworth National Assembly constituency Zivai Mhetu has come out guns blazing against his party president Douglas Mwonzora, accusing him of a plethora of flaws after being barred from entering their headquarters in Harare.

Mhetu was denied entry into the party’s Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House headquarters by angry youths who included member of parliament Yvonne Musarurwa after confessing that his association with ‘tainted’ leader Mwonzora cost him the seat.

Anti-riot police officers had to be called in after the situation almost degenerated into violent clashes as Mhetu maintained he had the right to access the building.

A national executive meeting was underway and according to Mhetu his suspension was being finalised.

“I am the Harare provincial chairperson, I am entitled to sit in the national council meeting but as I was about to enter Yvonne Musarurwa and others blocked me and told me that I had been suspended,” Mhetu said.

“They said my suspension letter was being prepared. I am sure the reason why I am being suspended is because I reported what the electorate said in the run up to the by-elections as I campaigned in Epworth. I did not know that I was going to be punished for telling the truth.”

Mhetu’s predicament started when he told the media that Epworth residents indicated they would not vote him because of his association with Mwonzora although he was their preferred candidate.

The seat was won by Zanu PF’s Zalera Makari.

“I wanted to raise the motion that Mwonzora steps down after our loss. Being the president you are the chief executive officer (CEO) and he is responsible for our failure to win even one seat in the by-elections,” Mhetu said.

Mwonzora told journalists Monday the loss was not worth writing home about as he had “missed a penalty like all football stars sometimes do.”

He only managed 745 votes with Makari getting 10 246 and CCC’s Kureva Earthrage coming out second on 8 283 votes.

Mhetu questioned Mwonzora’s loyalties, arguing that he could confirm his ties with ruling Zanu PF as was hinted by party chairperson Moergen Komichi in a leaked call this week.

“He has been accused of dining with Zanu PF. I can clearly state that Mwonzora is dining with Zanu PF. He does not want top do anything that makes the party have a lot of supporters, whenever he is on the podium he is always attacking Nelson Chamisa,” said Mhetu.

“Since the time he has been receiving government funds he has never funded crucial departments such as the security, the organising, the information and recruitment departments.”

Mwonzora has indeed not shared proceeds of the Political Parties (Finance) Act with anyone, including parties that make up the opposition coalition MDC Alliance.