Charamba Confirms Media Blackout On Deployment Of Soldiers

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By Leopold Munhende

PRESIDENTIAL spokesperson George Charamba says the media will not be informed when government deploys soldiers to strife-torn Mozambique.

Government is set to deploy its contingent of soldiers the neighbouring country to help quell a crisis fueled by Islamist insurgents in the Northern Cabo Delgado region.

Posting on his Twitter handle @Jamwanda2 Wednesday, Charamba said the army will not be deployed in the full glare of the media.

According to sources within the military, soldiers have been on standby for the greater part of the past week.

His statements however come almost a week later than soldiers were expected to have been deployed with indications government was still scrounging for money to oil the Mozambique campaign.

“Do not expect images of our men and women in fatigues,” said Charamba.

“It is not the tradition of Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) to deploy in the full glare of the media. We know well enough what is never done ahead or during operations. I am just saying zvangu,” he tweeted.

Very little has found its way into the public on how government was planning on tackling the Mozambican crisis.

Not even the regional bloc Southern African Development Committee (SADC) could be drawn to comment on Zimbabwe in earlier attempts by

Defence Minister Oppah Muchinguri spoke on the matter for this first time this week, telling Senate “all was under control”.

“We are taking a regional posture because of the definition of the threats,” said Muchinguri.

“We need to define the rate of threat, in our case, it is not a direct threat …If there is a threat, we will not hesitate, we will definitely come to Parliament to seek your support but as it is, yes there are some threats and we continue to monitor developments in the area.

“I cannot divulge much but intelligence has it that there is some movement or maneuvering. We are monitoring and the nation has to take comfort that we are on top of that situation.”