Charamba harangues ZBC for failure to live-stream ED event

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By Anna Chibamu

PRESIDENTIAL spokesperson George Charamba Wednesday harangued ZBC managers and journalists for failing to live up to competition which saw President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s announcement of an election violence commission of inquiry beamed real time by social media casters while the state broadcaster banked footage for later use.

Charamba is also the permanent secretary in Ministry of Media, Information and Broadcasting Services which superintends over the affairs of the struggling state broadcaster.

During the announcement of the commission, Charamba who was part of the event at Munhumutapa Building, fumed at ZBC senior journalist Judith Makwanya for failing to live stream the event.

“Judith, why are we not livestreaming?

“…Speak for yourself because you cannot give a company excuse.

“ZBC has all the equipment and you cannot talk on behalf of the company on this one. The news is everywhere before you get to Pockets Hills (ZBC headquarters),” Charamba was heard saying.

He immediately called ZBC Head of News Tazzen Mandizvidza via phone.

“Tazzen, I am not impressed at all. All your competitors are live-streaming and you are just dilly dallying. Why are we not live-streaming?” he questioned.

ZBC has enjoyed television broadcasting monopoly for decades but has been slow to respond to the advent of new media which has extra-terrestrial reach and broadcasts events as they happen. is one entity that has been of service to Zimbabweans at home and abroad who are keen to follow events back home in real time.