Charles Mungoshi Jr goes regional

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‘CANDLE Light Thoughts’ – a motivational book by Charles Mungoshi Junior will be sold in the region after the youthful writer decided to take his talent beyond Zimbabwe’s borders.
The book which was launched recently offers a beautiful argument and plea for people to live an authentic life, addressing the silent questions that exist in the deepest chambers of their hearts.
“I am more of a motivational writer and appreciate the response my book has received from readers so far. The book will soon be found in countries beyond Zimbabwe’s borders as I aspire to inspire a number of people, he said.
Charles Mungoshi Jr is the son of renowned award winning literature guru Charles Mungoshi and International Film actress and award winner Jesesi Mungoshi.
With the way the book is structured, one is inspired to have confidence and to trust their own feelings about their lives.
“The tools in the book will open one’s capacity to tap into their inner source of strength and love. I suggest reading this book once, and then using one of the tools each day as a source of inspiration and practice,” said Mungoshi.
Born on 19 November 1986 in Harare, Charles Jr decided to answer a call to the Arts with Candlelight Thoughts – his first motivational material for Christians and for those who want to know more about the power of thought and God’s purpose in their lives.
Unlike most motivational books, Charles Jr in Candlelight Thoughts introduces a new dimension of writing – no particular structure.
The author throws thoughts randomly at the reader in a way which leaves the reader with some homework to ponder and evaluate for themselves the truths behind his words, the power which will liberate those that will not just ponder but execute these thoughts.
Using past experiences, mistakes, failure and successes in his life, Mungoshi reflects on how one cannot escape becoming a product of his/her thoughts – whether positive or negative.
He encourages the reader to think positively, arguing that God is the only thought capable of bringing about a fulfilling life which leads to true success.
If you desire change in your life then this is the book to read.Advertisement