Chawira Releases New Video

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By Arts Correspondent

SOUTH Africa-based musician Letty Chawira has released another video called Vashaiswa Mukana.
The video was shot in the neighbouring country.
She took the opportunity to urge musicians need to release more music so that they give comfort to people during the difficult Covid-19 pandemic.
“The new video is called Vashaiswa mukana which means the wicked will  not get a chance to destroy you, whatever means
they try to use to  take you down. God will always fight for you, it’s a song from the album Prayers and Praises,” she said in an interview Thursday.
The song is a modernised Jiti, with a hip hop fusion making it one of the outstanding on the album.
“I just encourage fellow musicians to keep on releasing songs because during this period of covid 19. People are facing different challenges and therefore we have to be there comforting them,” she said.
Chawira said as musicians they will keep praying so that the pandemic seazes.
“We keep praying to God so that this pandemic is gone. We also pray to God so that our people are saved,” she added.
Chawira is an award winning gospel musician who is also making strides in penetrating on the East African market.
She is also ridding high with the album that has begged three awards.