Chief Charumbira in sexual assault scandal; Pan African Parliament President forced finger into niece’s privates

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By Staff Reporter

PAN-AFRICAN Parliament President and head of Zimbabwe’s traditional Chiefs Council Fortune Charumbira has been exposed for allegedly violating one of his married nieces, with audio recordings and a leaked police report indicating he forced his fingers into her private parts.

Charumbira is one of Zimbabwe’s most known and ‘respected’ traditional leaders, having led chiefs in parliament for over a decade and recently voted President of Africa’s Parliament.

A police report gleaned by indicates Charumbira abused his married niece, Paidamoyo Majaya (27), twice after coercing her to visit him at Rainbow Towers and Monomutapa (Crowne Plaza) hotels on different occasions.

Majaya reported the case at Masvingo Central police station on April 15. It is set to be handled by Harare Central as the crime was committed in the capital.

According to the police memo Charumbira caressed Majaya’s breasts, put his hand in her dress and forcibly kissed her just after their lunch meeting at Rainbow Towers’ dining hall.

Majaya had been invited to the flashy hotel as she made her way to former First lady Grace Mugabe’s Mazowe school where her Zimuto High students were participating in Debate competitions.

“When the complainant arrived in Harare town, the accused person picked her and they drove to Rainbow Tours Hotel in Harare Central Business District [CBD]. They had a meeting and lunch in the dining hall. When they were about to leave, the accused person started caressing the complainant on her breasts. He also put his hand in her dress and kissed her without her consent,” reads the memo.

“On the 2nd day of April 2023 at around 1300 hours, while at Amai Grace Mugabe Secondary School in Mazowe, the complainant received a call from the accused person who said he wanted to meet her at NSSA Building in Harare on the same day. The complainant went to Harare to meet the accused person using public transport on the same day. She arrived at around 1400 hours. She met the accused person at NSSA Building at corner Julius Nyerere Avenue and Sam Mujoma Street in Harare CBD.

“The accused took the complainant to Monomutapa Hotel in Harare CBD in his vehicle. Upon arrival at Monomutapa Hotel, accused took complainant’s cellphone and gave her his car keys. Accused ordered complainant to follow him into the hotel. Accused went to a lounge in the 18th floor together with the complainant. They had talks over what the accused did when they were at Rainbow Tours Hotel. They spent about an hour in the lounge.

“The complainant stood up intending to leave. When she was at the door leaving, the accused dragged her by her hand back into the lounge. Accused caressed the complainant’s breasts and kissed her without her consent. After that, they then left the hotel. They went into the accused’s vehicle which was parked outside the hotel. While in the vehicle the accused returned the complainant her cell phone and she began recording their conversation secretly.”

Audios in’s possession indicate Charumbira then sought a secret relationship with his niece, cautioning her against saying no to the fervent demands.

Charumbira who acknowledged that Majaya was married begged her for a kiss as a ‘gift’ for escorting her to Mazowe. He asked that Majaya disregard her husband.

“Give me the energy to continue talking to you. If you say no, you will leave me shattered,” said Charumbira to which his niece answered it was a difficult proposition.

“This is not a problem, you have gone through worse, you have taken so many difficult decisions yet want to deny me this. Just kiss me, why do you want to pretend as if the world would collapse if you did.

“Probably you have failed to understand who you are talking to. Do not call me father in this context, remove me from that bracket.

“I just want a kiss but if you say know that will scare me and I hope it is not your intention to scare me.”

Majaya continuously refused to be drawn into the adulterous act, making it clear the continental leader was putting her in a difficult position.

“In as much as I may try to be polite in saying no, I do not know what will happen,” said Majaya.