Chihuri home torching cop flees Zimbabwe

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A ZRP officer who ran amok while guarding police commissioner general premises in December last year has fled from court’s jurisdiction.

Hardlife Maukazuva, 28, is wanted by the police after he failed to turn up for his trial which was slated for this Wednesday at Harare magistrate’s court.

Reports say he skipped the country a day after he was released by the High Court on bail.

Maukazuva is facing three charges including unlawful entry, malicious damage to property and attempted murder.

According to the state, he broke into Chihuri’s house and looted some property before he burnt down a wing of the property.

While the house was on fire, he fired thirty rounds of bullets at his colleagues who had come to attend the scene.

The incident occurred on December 6 at Chihuri’s Greystone Park home.

It is alleged that Maukazuva, who is attached at Morris Depot Projects Office, was on guard at his boss’ house.

He then allegedly hatched a plan to steal and went on to break a window in order to gain entry into the house.

Court heard that while inside he stole unmentioned property but was seen by a gardener, Robson Mubaiwa, who confronted him.

It is alleged that Mubaiwa went on to raise alarm so that neighbours would help him to apprehend the accused.

Maukazuva took his loot and hid it in a fountain in the premises.

Another constable, Kudakwashe Elinadi Jekemu, later arrived at the scene and was briefed of the events.

Court heard he also confronted Maukazuva who became violent.

The state alleged that he struck Jekemu with the back of his gun before he went inside the house and set it on fire.

Jekemu reported the case to his bosses at Morris Depot and a reinforcement team was dispatched to the scene.

Upon realising that there were more officers at the house, Maukazuva opened fire at them.

It is alleged that he missed his targets.

Maukazuva fired thirty rounds of bullets before he tried to commit suicide only to discover that he no longer had ammunition.

He was subsequently arrested.