Chikurubi Inmate Vanishes While Relieving Self In The Bush

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By Paul Katanda

A DARING Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison inmate tricked prison officers he wanted to relive himself behind a bush while working on the prison’s farm and then vanished, the Harare Magistrates Court heard Friday.

Jack was later found in Banket where he was apprehended and brought back to prison.

Casias Jack is now answering to a charge of escaping from lawful custody before a Harare magistrate Yeukai Dzuda.

Jack was remanded in custody to Monday for bail determination after the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) opposed his bail application.

According to court papers, on December 24, 2021 Jack escaped from Chikurubi Farm prison where he was working together with other inmates under supervision of a prison guard.

It is alleged that around 9am, Jack asked to use the toilet and he was advised to use the bush by the guard.

After a while, the accused was called but did not respond and he was later spotted outside the prison fence and was then chased by a guard with no luck.

The matter was reported before the police who looked for him at his place of residence to no avail.