Chinese ambassador condemns Byo rally bomb attack

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By Staff Reporter

CHINESE Ambassador to Zimbabwe Huang Ping has condemned last weekend’s claimed bomb blast at campaign rally in Bulawayo.

Ambassador Huang said his country would do all it can to help Zimbabwe maintain a peaceful environment for “free and fair elections”.

A still unexplained explosion rocked White City Stadium as President Emmerson Mnangagwa finished addressing a rally at the venue last Saturday.

Mnangagwa escaped unhurt but 49 people were injured; two of them later succumbing to their injuries.

Ambassador Ping condemned the attack while speaking at the ground-breaking ceremony of the Hwange Power Station expansion project on Wednesday.

“Both China and Zimbabwe are committed to peace and because of that we condemn the violence that took place at White City Stadium in Bulawayo last week.

“As China we are confident that Zimbabwe will hold free and peaceful elections and we will be there to assist,” he said.

China has become a key player in the Zimbabwean economy since Harare fell out with West nearly two decades ago under former president Robert Mugabe.

Investigations into the bomb blast continue but Mnangagwa has moved to assure investors and the international community that the incident was not a threat to the peace and stability in the country.

He however believes the attack was an attempt on his life by rivals still bitter about last November’s controversial power transition.

Mnangagwa took over from Mugabe after the latter was forced to resign by a military revolt.