China orders 184 Airbus A320 planes

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CHINA has ordered 184 Airbus A320 planes to be delivered to 13 airlines, French officials said Wednesday as President Emmanuel Macron wrapped up a state visit to the country.
The value of the deal was not immediately disclosed but under the company’s list prices for the single-aisle planes, it could total at least $18 billion.
The airliners would be delivered in 2019 and 2020.
The announcement came a day after Macron held talks with Chinese leader Xi Jinping and oversaw the signing of several business deals whose total amount was not disclosed.
Macron said Xi had confirmed during their meeting that the Airbus order would be made.
“It’s something that will be completely finalised shortly, but it was confirmed to me by the president,” Macron said at a news conference on Wednesday.
“President Xi confirmed to me that China will maintain the volume of orders in the coming years and preserve parity with the market shares of Airbus and (US rival) Boeing,” Macron said.
Airbus had already announced on Tuesday an agreement to increase production of the A320 in China.
China is the world’s second biggest aviation market, making it ripe for competition between Airbus and Boeing.
When US President Donald Trump visited Beijing in November, China agreed to buy 300 Boeing aircraft worth some $37 billion.
The US aerospace giant estimates that China will need 7,240 commercial planes over the next 20 years.Advertisement