Chinamasa Blasts Studio 7 For Allegedly Fronting American Interference

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By Anna Chibamu

ZANU PF acting commissar Patrick Chinamasa has singled out The Voice of America (VOA) station popularly known as Studio 7, as a propaganda mouthpiece for the hostile American government.

Chinamasa told the media at the party’s headquarters Thursday that the Zanu PF government viewed broadcasts by VOA in the same light with sanctions imposed on the country by the superpower.

“I want to refer to the specifically targeted propaganda against Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans in the Southern African Development Community (SADC), for example, via hostile broadcasts like the Voice of America’s Studio 7.

“Zanu PF views these hostile broadcasts in the same light as illegal sanctions, an illegitimate and unwanted interference in our country’s domestic affairs and as part of the illegal arsenal for regime change. We will resist as we have successfully done since 2000,” Chinamasa said.

Relations between Zimbabwe and the American government soured at the turn of the century with the superpower accusing the then Robert Mugabe led regime of poll theft, massive rights abuses and high-level corruption.

The US placed some Zimbabwe government officials on a targeted travel and asset freeze embargo under its controversial Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act of 2001 (ZIDERA).

Zimbabwe has viewed this as an act of interference with its domestic affairs.

Chinamasa also took a swipe at the country’s Non-Governmental Organisations he blamed for undermining the country’s political, economic, and judicial systems.

The former justice minister said government was ready to deregister any such organisations which tried to interfere with the national affairs.

“I cannot conclude this press conference without denouncing the concerted and orchestrated destabilisation of the State or government via sponsored interventions which have become a menace.

“Foreign funding by foreign intelligence services of opposition political parties, NGOs which are anything but civil is clearly calculated to undermine the orderly evolution of our political, economic and judicial systems and must be condemned in the strongest possible terms.

“It is Zimbabwe’s sovereign right to have peaceful, uninterrupted developments.”