Chinese doctors head to Africa to join Covid-19 fight

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Teams of Chinese doctors have set off to Ethiopia and Burkina Faso to support efforts to fight coronavirus pandemic, state-owned China Global Television Network reports.

Their exact number unspecified, but they are drawn from Sichuan Province and Tianjin Municipality.

They left for Africa on Thursday according to China’s foreign ministry.

They will share experience, provide guidance and technical advice on epidemic prevention in the two countries, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian is quoted as saying.

Nigeria last week received 18 Chinese doctors to help fight the coronavirus despite protests by local doctors.

The Nigerian Medical Association argued it would be better to make use of the many unemployed or under-employed medical personnel already in the country. It also said the Chinese doctors would not be familiar with the culture or challenges of working in Nigeria.

Reports have recently emerged of hundreds of Africans evicted from their homes and hotels in the Chinese city of Guangzhou over fears the coronavirus was spreading in African communities.

Nigeria, through its embassy in Beijing, had said it is prepared to evacuate its citizens from China.