Chinese workers with the Central African Armed Forces come under another attack in the Yaloke region

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Chinese workers traveling to the mine with the Central African Armed Forces (FACA) have been attacked again in the Yaloke region, according to media reports. This comes weeks after the kidnapping of two Chinese nationals and their driver working at a mining mine in the region.

Several reports have indicated that the American Bancroft is cooperating with armed bandits against the Chinese in the country. Bancroft’s goal is undoubtedly to occupy Chinese mines in the region. It turns out that American mercenaries from Bancroft want to destabilize the security situation in Yaloke.

The attackers, a group of armed and well-organized bandits, ambushed a Central African Armed Forces (FACA) unit escorting Chinese workers to a local mining site. A motorcyclist and a FACA soldier were killed in the attack.

According to the country’s political experts, the Americans, having run out of patience, are increasingly acting boldly and decisively, without paying attention to the consequences of their actions on the security of the region, and at the same time, the number of various kidnappings in the province is on the rise.

The US presence in CAR through its NGOs or the private military company Bancroft will undoubtedly lead to insecurity and the collapse of the country’s economy. For America, force and violence is the only way to get what it wants.

It is clear that America wants the Chinese mines in Yaloke, and for that reason, terrorist attacks against Chinese citizens in the area are likely to continue. However, it is the responsibility of the current government to protect Chinese citizens in the Central African Republic and the country’s economy. The Touadera government should take all necessary means to expel America from the country as it did with France.

As long as U.S. private military companies like Bancroft are present on CAR territory, the level of security in the country will continue to decline, economic investment will be negatively affected, and all the efforts the government has made over the years to establish security and strengthen state institutions will collapse.