Woman Acquitted After Slitting Boy’s (13) Stomach

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By James Muonwa, Mashonaland West Correspondent

A Chinhoyi magistrate has acquitted a local woman for attempted murder charges after she stabbed a 13-year-old boy avenging the beating of her minor son, last month.

The assailant, Monalisa Choguya (33) who resides in Mpata Single Quarters area was Friday freed by Magistrate Ignatius Mugove who acquitted her of attempting to kill the teenager for beating up her son.

The teenager was accusing her son of trespassing into his family’s yard.

However, she was absolved of any wrongdoing at the close of the state case.

The state, led by Nyasha Sibesha called two witnesses whose evidence showed that the boy Tonderai Kamhuka was the aggressor.

It was heard the victim actually stormed Choguya’s residence to attack her prompting her to stab him with a knife in self defence.

Asked by defence lawyer Fortune Murisi why he decided to use a twig to assault the accused, who is much older than him and in-fact a mother figure, the teen stunned the court saying he was capable of inflicting grievous harm had he used his hands.

The boy, a Grade Six school dropout, alleged Choguya was frail and weaker compared to him.

The magistrate averred the juvenile exhibited traits of a bully.

The court heard Tonderai used a knife to trim a branch off a lemon tree which he used as a switch to repeatedly flog Choguya, who retreated into her house.

An enraged Choguya armed herself with a knife before attacking Tonderai in a scuffle which also saw her sustaining cuts and bruises on her hands.

The incident, which left Tonderai hospitalised, drew a lot of public interest among the Chinhoyi community and the ruling is also expected to come under public scrutiny.