Chisamba to rock Australia, first international tour for Zim’s talk-show queen

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By Paidashe Mandivengerei

VETERAN talk-show hostess, Rebecca Chisamba is set to host her debut international show with a March trip to Australia where she is set to hold two shows.

Her promoter, Zimbabwean born Christine Muchenagumbo has themed the show, ‘Morari naMai Chisamba’ with the shows scheduled for the 22nd and 30th March in Sydney and Perth respectively.

In an interview with, the local talk show pioneer said this will be her debut international show.

“I hosted an international show in Birmingham, London last year but it was different from the ones I will host in Australia.

“While the Australia shows will be like those which air on ZTV, in Birmingham guests would ask questions and I would respond, a fashion similar to my local newspaper column,” the talk-show hostess said.

Chisamba (66) said she had thus far not held an international show because of a hectic local schedule.

“As you know I am always working, for me to be absent for a few days I would have to prerecord my shows and also my family needs me so i try to create what youngsters call a balance,” she said.

The talk-show host said the theme of the shows exudes enthusiasm.

“Zimbabweans abroad are always nostalgic about their motherland, while away you constantly get reminders that you are not home. 

“Zimbabweans in the Diaspora face different problems in their homes and there are several issues raised which will be addressed. We (Mai Chisamba team) will tackle issues like change in gender roles, depression, divorce and raising children in foreign countries,” said Chisamba.

“I am very humbled. I am realising people really admire my work.”

She added that her aim if to promote Zimbabwean culture.

“My mandate is to promote the local languages. I encourage people to be proud of their culture, this is not to say abandon global languages like English but never lose your identity,” she said.

Chisamba made her mark on Zimbabwe television screen over two decades ago hosting the popular television show named after her.

Through the show she tackles issues on ethics, personal hygiene, morals, culture among others.

With 27 prestigious awards under her belt she is brand ambassador to several organisations.