Chisumbanje ethanol project risks being another Chiadzwa diamond case, Arda

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CHIPINGE SOUTH: Chisumbanje ethanol project risks becoming another Marange scenario where local villagers continue to have nothing to show for it and that is if the conflicts between locals and Green Fuels are not handled properly.
This was said by Arda board chairman, Basil Nyabadza, while addressing villagers and government officials in Chisumbanje recently.
Green Fuel is a joint venture between government and Mcdcom investments and Rating.
Nyabadza said if the disputes in Chisumbanje are not handled properly he foresees a situation which happened in Marange where villagers did not benefit from the diamonds.
“Please let’s solve our differences amicably. We don’t want a situation like that one in Marange where villagers never benefited from their resources. They have nothing to show for it,” Nyabadza said to restive villagers.
Villagers are accusing Green Fuel of reneging on some its promises to compensate locals for the loss of their land.
“There is no bridge to talk of in Marange or Manicaland province. The diamonds are gone and we are left with nothing.
“Let’s not repeat it by disturbing production at the ethanol plant. If there are problems lets engage each other and discuss,” said Nyabadza to villagers.
He said it was disturbing that power being generated at Green Fuel plant was being used in Mukwasine in Chiredzi while the locals bore the brunt of load shedding.
“Charity begins at home. The power being generated here should be invested in irrigation by local farmers. We need 12 hour power supply for production not load shedding,” said Nyabadza.
He added: “We need each other; let’s not politicise development because it is universal. Whether the investor is black or white we need each other. We are a family and we should not discriminate. We need Indians, Chinese, and Europeans because we are a family,” said Nyabadza.Advertisement