Chitungwiza Municipality awards desilting tender to unequipped car dealer

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By Tapiwa Svondo

Chitungwiza Municipality had given a tender to desilt the Seke 6.5km main line which feeds into Zengeza sewage treatment works to an incompetent and unequipped car dealer – it has emerged.

This came out during a tour of Chitungwiza projects done so far by Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution Charles Tavengwa.

An unimpressed Tavengwa questioned whether municipal officials had gone in person to check if the person had the relevant equipment.

Talent Mashinga Director of Works at Chitungwiza Municipality responded saying the contract had eventually been terminated after officials realised he was inexperienced.

Said Mashinga: “We went on a due diligence process and went to his office and saw that equipment was there, we asked for the books and they were there and also the agreement of sale.

“The challenge now was the guy seemed to be probably a car dealer, so what was produced to us there, were things which were hired.

“So what we came and did was to tighten our contract to the terms of we will only pay you when you deliver this.

“So when he tried his gimmicks it failed until we terminated the contract last week but one without paying a cent on what he had already done.”

The unnamed car dealer had to use his hands as equipment wasn’t available for him to work.

“We had given him 6.5km and we had to stop him because we saw that he didn’t perform as we expected.

“The challenge which we saw was big is that in-between the main holes there is about 100 metres length and that time he didn’t have enough equipment to blow sand which was in-between.

“So he was doing where he was able to do using his hands”, added acting Town Clerk Japson Nemuseso.

Municipal officials had to opt for a re-tender as they were asked for the way forward by the Minister of State Hon Tavengwa.

“We want to re-tender, we want to do the one of direct procurement, we have a company that we want to approach that is in Bulawayo we have done the same process and we also want to meet with R.Davis”, said Mashinga.

The Minister of State was concerned about the pipes which were donated by ZimFund in 2021 but have not been used up to now.

“This one is a GRP pipe It is not really different from the PVC pipes when looking at installations, so we did tenders and we were quoted $3.5 Million and the council which was present by then had to stop the production when they cited lack of funds”, replied Mashinga