Chivayo Sister, Wife In Social Media Row

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By Staff Reporter

CONTROVERSIAL businessman, Wicknell Chivayo’s family is imploding with his wife, Sonja Madzikanda accusing her late mother-in-law of bewitching the couple’s ‘autistic’ infant son.

This was revealed by Wicknell’s younger sister, Moreblessing popularly known as Moe who has in the past bashed Sonja on social media platforms.

In a series of Instagram posts, Moe described Sonja as a ‘gold digger’ who suffered from schizophrenia hence her claims that black magic was used on her son.

Chivayo and Sonja solemnised their marriage in 2017 and have two children together, John Chenjera and Atarah Minana.

The couple, which is not new to controversy, set tongues wagging in 2018 after it publicised son, John’s paternity test results.

According to Moe, John suffers from autism and cannot talk despite being three years old.

“She calls my mom a witch hanzi she bewitched that son of hers who’s still not talking.

“Girl, go to a medical doctor and actually, one with a medical degree and he will tell you your son in autistic.

“My mother never once set foot kun’anga inzwa inini mwana wavo,” she wrote.

She went on to ask if indeed her nephew had indeed been bewitched as alleged, why had he not recovered after Chivayo’s mother passed on.

Chivayo’s mother, Canisia died early January this year.

“Did he start talking on January 6th coz the accused died on that day, why is your son still not talking? Coz zvinonzi kana muroyi afa mushonga hauchashande,” she wrote.

In what appears to be a response to Moe’s posts, Sonja posted a video clip of her wiping tears with US$100 bank notes.