Chivayo trial stalls as State fails to subpoena accomplice

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By Mary Taruvinga

CONTROVERSIAL businessman, Wicknell Chivayo’s trial failed to commence for umpteenth time with the State indicating that they are failing to serve his co-accused with summons.

The State successfully applied that Chivayo be jointly charged with Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) former board chairperson, Stanely Kazhanje who allegedly received a $10 000 bribe from him.

But prosecutor Brian Vito said they were failing to get hold of him.

“We are having challenges in serving the third accused with summons.

“I’m certain will be able to do so by June 5,” said Vito while asking for a postponement of the case.

Chivayo’s lawyer Advocate Slyvester Hashiti did not oppose the application.

Kazhanje will now be jointly charged with Chivayo and his company Intratrek Zimbabwe.

The trio is facing bribery charges after Chivayo purportedly paid $10 000 to Kazhanje so that he could facilitate approval of Gwanda Solar project contract for his company.

Kazhanje is already on trial on allegations of concealing his interests in the $10 000 transaction he allegedly received from Chivayo.

Prosecutors had initially dropped the bribery charge when his trial commenced.

According to the State, sometime in 2013, ZPC called for bids for construction of the Gwanda Solar Project and Chivayo responded through his company.

The court heard that on October 22, 2015 Kazhanje convened a board meeting and directed ZPC to sign the deal with Intratrek Zimbabwe despite its failure to provide a bank guarantee.

On January 21, 2016 Chivayo and his company reportedly transferred $10 000 to Kazhanje’s personal bank account.

The State alleges that the $10 000 bribe influenced Kazhanje to sway the ZPC board to pass resolutions in favour of Intratrek Zimbabwe in connection with the ZPC contract.