Chiwenga: Striking ‘young’ doctors demanding rich pickings

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By Staff Reporter

VICE PRESIDENT Constantino Chiwenga says he was puzzled by the continued refusal by hundreds of Zimbabwean doctors who are demanding “rich pickings”.

Doctors went on strike September this year demanding a review of their wages and allowances.

They were arguing the wages continue being eroded by run away price increases in the country.

The defiant hospital staff has rejected repeated government wage review offers even when they have been pegged at 100 percent of their current wages.

Chiwenga felt there was everything wrong with that.

He attributed that to youthful behaviour.

“We are the most educated country in Africa, but I do not understand what has become of the young people…Every day, they want to make rich pickings, with little sweat. Where is that spirit coming from?” said the VP.

He was addressing congregants of his Roman Catholic Church in Hwange following a mass organised to welcome him back into the country.

Added the VP, “Let us put the interests of our country first and have a unity of purpose. That is the Zimbabwe we want.

“…The President (Emmerson Mnangagwa) said Government had done all it could and it was no longer clear what the doctors really want.

“They got 30 percent, they refused; they got 60 percent and they refused again. Government then gave them a 100 percent increment, but again they refused.”