Chiwenga’s men stole my underwear, says ex-G40 loyalist

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By Staff Reporter

OPPOSITION leader Daniel Shumba has made sensational claims the military stormed his home during its Operation Restore Legacy which ousted President Robert Mugabe and stole US$4 000, suits and even his underwear.

Addressing his United Democratic Alliance structures in Masvingo on Tuesday, Shumba a former Zanu PF politburo member and army officer, said he escaped military capture when he was tipped off of the impending raid by his own uncle who is a serving member of the army.

“I should have been shot or killed during the events of last year, if it wasn’t a call from my uncle notifying me of the raid,” Shumba said.

“I had just arrived from a business trip abroad and had to leave my house in a huff and when I returned two days later, I found my house ransacked with my US dollars missing and even my underpants.”

Shumba, who was Zanu PF MP for Masvingo Urban, is among some party loyalists who fell by the wayside when then Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander Constantino Chiwenga rolled military tanks onto the streets to force Mugabe out in place of his ally Emmerson Mnangagwa, who is now State President.

Several members of G40, which was fiercely opposed to then Vice President Mnangagwa taking over from Mugabe were thrown out of the party with some losing their parliamentary seats.

Shumba, who is among the 23 presidential hopefuls for the July 30 Presidential race, said he had the brains and ideas to turn around the country’s economy, blaming the current economic mess to corruption which was being spearheaded by the military.

He said he was a corruption free leader with no record of any shady deals during his tenure as a legislator.

“The junta has long been running this country’s economy. I was the chairman of the parliamentary portfolio on mines and I have proof that the army played a major role in the demise of our economy through corrupt deals with foreign investors,” Shumba said.

He said if elected the country’s next leader, he will introduce socio-economic policies that enables every Zimbabwean a decent living which reflected the country’s vast riches especially in minerals.

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