Chiyangwa challenger, Kamambo contests disqualification

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By Sports Reporter

ZIFA presidential aspirant Felton Kamambo has challenged the decision by the Philip Chiyangwa led executive to bar him from contesting in the upcoming polls for the Zifa executive committee set for December 1.

Kamambo was disqualified from contesting the elections amid for being “ineligible” to contest due to a ban imposed on him after he quit his post on the Zifa board March last year.

The former Zifa board member served under Chiyangwa before he quit together with Piraishe Mabhena arguing that their term of office had expired.

He however argues that the suspension is baseless and part of a ploy to prevent him from challenging for the top ZIFA job.

“I hereby note an appeal, in terms of the Zifa Electoral Code Section 12(2) against the entire decision of the Zifa Electoral Committee handed down on the 2nd of November 2018,” Kamambo wrote to the Zifa Electoral Committee chairman Vusilizwe Vuma on Monday.

“Further take notice that the notice that the appeal herein is being noted without having been furnished with detailed reasons leading to the disqualification of my nomination papers. I was only served with the letter hereto attached as Annexure (A) which contains very scant reasons for my disqualification. Accordingly I reserve the right to file supplementary and detailed grounds of appeal upon being notified of the reasons for my disqualification.”

                       Felton Kamambo

Kamambo said he was never suspended from Zifa as alleged by the incumbent Zifa leadership.

“I was never suspended from Zifa and in fact resigned from Zifa on the 28th of March, 2018 and upon my resignation I had never been suspended,” he said.

“I was not notified of any suspension and I was never served with any suspension letter or notice. In any event Zifa had no capacity or mandate to suspend me after I had resigned as I was no longer part of Zifa. My resignation was with immediate effect. If they had issues with me, they should have reported them to the relevant authorities and not for them to deal with them as if I was still part of Zifa.

“I challenge the Zifa secretariat to prove that they served me with the notice of my suspension and that I was ever called to answer any of the allegations contained in the alleged suspension notice.”

The veteran football administrator also argued that following his resignation and that of Mabhena, the remaining three executive committee members did not meet the required quorum to run the body.

The resignations by the pair left Zifa with only three executive members in Chiyangwa, his vice Omega Sibanda and board member (finance), Philemon Machana, short of the required quorum.

“The Zifa executive after the resignation of P. Mabhena and myself no longer had a quorum in terms of the Zifa constitution Article 32 section 10. The correct position is that the full complement of the board is composed of 8 members. The board had remained with 5 members before the resignations. This literally means that the three members had no quorum and therefore cannot seat and make binding decisions according to Article 35 of the Zifa Constitution. Chiyangwa’s board was in terms of Zifa statutes dissolved,” he said.

He added: “It is therefore a misdirection on the part of the Electoral Committee to disqualify my candidature based on an unsubstantiated fake suspension letter.”

“Kamambo also questioned the move to have integrity checks for prospective candidates to be conducted by the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission (ZAAC) and not the Zifa Ethics Committee as prescribed by the association’s constitution.”

Chiyangwa reportedly has strong links with senior officials in ZACC.

“I was not subjected to any integrity test as alleged. An integrity test is supposed to be conducted by a Zifa Ethics Committee as installed by the Zifa Assembly. Presently no such committee is constituted. The Electoral Committee relied on a letter from the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission which simply stated that they were investigating me. It is erroneous on the part of the Electoral Committee to rely on such a letter.”

He added: “It is clear that ZAAC does not have the authority to do integrity checks on individuals. As such everything done by the commission on the guise of an integrity test is a nullity. In any event the letter states, they are investigating me,” he said.

Zifa Electoral Committee chairman Vuma was yet to respond to Kamambo’s letter.