Christianity is not gullibility

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“He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with errors”
I HAD hoped to discuss the miracles galore currently making waves in Zimbabwe; however, I am compelled to make a follow up to my last piece, ‘The devil garbs the Christian garment.’ There are some amongst us who feel that we must, ‘Judge not’. One fellow who was stung by the rebuke on diabolical acts by supposed men of God wrote a venomous e-mail in which he sought to defend his pastor whom he last worked with two years ago, emphatically saying I was “touching the anointed”. Statements like, “Touch not my anointed” and “Judge not …” have become defence lines for religious leaders engaging in near-satanic practices. Their followers threaten and spit venom on anyone who dares rebuke the vile acts.
One certainly needed to have been there last Friday; the temperature in the packed room seemed to drop to zero as more than ten church women recounted chilling sexual abuses they suffered at the hands of Harare Pastor Robert Martin Gumbura. It’s incredible and it will shock you to the bone. Sixteen more DVDs of pornographic material, nude pictures, weird sexual acts and sexual enhancement pills details emerged from the accounts. Surely, if speaking against such practices is sin then I stand guilty before my God. In my article (just like this one) I never targeted a particular church leader. I made sweeping rebukes against increasingly unholy practices by supposed Christian leaders.
My heart bleeds in the wake of this age’s breed of Christians. In my own opinion, apart from the high moral blameworthiness of their leaders, I maintain that this new breed of Christians is also largely to blame for their gullibility. They are party to those who continue bringing the Christian faith into disrepute. Today, Christian churches make the news for all the reasons contrary to Christianity. Leaders actually seem to be competing with each other in ungodly practices.
Imagine Christians who defend a leader who dabbles in pornography and multiple sex partners. Talk of Christians who will defend something as unbiblical as “miracle abortion”! Recently, a Reformed Church in Zimbabwe (RCZ) pastor was nabbed yet again for preying on church women.  The leader whose church was recently deregistered would even refer to himself as ‘god.’ In the wake of all this blasphemy some amongst us want everyone to be gagged by saying, “Touch Not”.Advertisement

My dear friends, there is a world of difference between Christianity and gullibility. Christianity proves all things taught and gullibility believes all things taught. Christianity is based on the teachings of JESUS Christ and gullibility is based on blind submission to a silver-tongued orator. Christians are people who follow Christ in word and in conduct. Real Christians are not simpletons or people who lack common sense. Indeed there is hope for someone who does not know anything about Christianity than one whose mind has been contaminated by error and falsehoods.
It boggles the mind how Christians (some highly educated) can endorse something as blasphemous as comparing God’s power to that of wrestler John Cena. Yes, I was in Harare a few months ago and one emerging prophet splashed a colorfully designed crusade poster with popular wrestlers John Cena and the Rock. Surely, how can one liken God’s power to something with limitations like human power? How can God’s indescribable power be equated to muscle power of fallen mortals.
My brothers and sisters, God never intended that his name or Word be the victim of such mischief and abuse. Christ rebuked the evil practices in his day, ‘…O generation of vipers, how can you, being evil speak of good things…” (Matt 12:34) Even the disciples left did not caress unchristian conduct of their day. Paul rebuked the popular miracle worker (Simon) in Israel telling him to repent for he tried something as outrageous as buying the Holy Spirit.
Honestly, which Christianity bids people to replace their family names with another mortal’s name? Even the early Christians never replaced their surnames with Christ’s own name? True followers of Christ are not a group of fleeceable people because they are provided with “ammunition” and are instructed to prove all things taught. “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good” (1 Thessalonians 5:21). The Bible again instructs the Christian community to“…test the spirits to see whether they are from God” Why? “Because many false prophets have gone into the world” (1 John 4:1). The Bible is your weapon and safeguard against practices that pervert the truth of Christ. Christian conduct has to be in sync with the Bible.
The judging which the Bible prohibits is one where we use our own standards to judge. When the Bible is used as the standard there is absolutely no wrong-doing (Proverbs 31:9). A court judge never uses his own thoughts or opinions to make a judgment but is rather guided by the points of law. Likewise, Christians are not to insult others or use their own feelings or views but are to judge righteously using the Bible as the yardstick.
Biblical teachers never ran away from scrutiny of their teachings or conduct by saying, “Touch Not” or “Judge Not”. Apostle Paul highly commended the men of Berea for they proved all things taught (Acts 17:11). God commended the Bereans for this very important quality which is critically absent in the modern church. The men of Berea were not all-believing simpletons but they checked every teaching against Biblical truth. This missing quality of character of the Bereans is the tragedy of today’s Christianity. The god of this world (Satan) has blinded Christians today that they wonder en masse after the creature instead of the Creator (2 Cor 4:4).The verse ‘Judge Not’ does not exist to insulate anyone walking on this earth from scrutiny of their conduct. Anyone who claims association with the name of Christ must as far as possible walk as he walked.
Indeed Christianity has fallen prey to ravenous wolves and it is a duty incumbent upon every child of God to warn and point out that which is base and unbecoming of Christians-even leaders.
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