CIO boss, FAZ implicated in Chiyangwa loss; MP claims polling stations were changed, voters assisted and threatened

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By Staff Reporter

CENTRAL Intelligence Organisation (CIO) Deputy Director General Walter Tapfumaneyi, his wife Jessica and controversial Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) Forever Associates Zimbabwe (FAZ) have been implicated in massive rigging witnessed during Zanu PF’s Zvimba South primaries.

Tapfumaneyi is alleged to have physically moved countless polling stations in the constituency so as to ensure incumbent Phillip Chiyangwa’s loss.

Chiyangwa was competing against Jessica for a ticket to represent the ruling party at this year’s general elections.

A letter to Zanu PF headquarters, signed by Chiyangwa detailed how he believed Tapfumaneyi, his wife and FAZ had conspired to illegally manipulate the party process in their favour.

“Tapfumaneyi and his wife moved around polling stations giving illegal instructions to FAZ operatives that all those who could not write were to be assisted by FAZ officials and only the name of Tapfumaney’s wife was to be entered on behalf of all assisted voters,” wrote Chiyangwa.

“Tapfumaneyi and his wife deliberately and intentionally occasioned the delay in the arrival of voting materials in all polling stations that were perceived to be my stronghold. Similarly, instructions were given at those polling stations to have elections abruptly terminated which led to the majority of people who had turned up to vote being unable to vote.

“Tapfumaneyi and his wife moved around polling stations openly campaigning, menacingly and threateningly intimidating voters that should Jessica Tapfumaneyi not be voted for, harm and calamity would befall the areas where she would not emerge victorious.

“Overall, there were gross anomalies and irregularities which were deliberately calculated to achieve electoral fraud so as to kew the votes in favour of Jessica Tapfumaneyi. The total number of ballots distributed do not tally with the numbers of the ballots at the closure of the election.”

“There has also been a very systemic pattern whereby all votes that had been cast in my favour were scandalously classified as spoilt particulars indicating my name. There was intimidation of voters resulting in many being turned away from the polling stations on the basis of their relationships with myself.”

FAZ and the CIO have been accused of rigging Zanu PF’s internal elections in favour of anti-Mnangagwa candidates and G40 members over last weekend, across the country.

Norton Member of Parliament (MP) Temba Mliswa this week claimed Tapfumaneyi and FAZ’s actions had put Mnangagwa’s presidency in a precarious situation.

Bhora Musango is coming, Zanu PF people are quick to get angry I know them they become emotional. This is a big mess and Mnangagwa must face this honestly. All this was done by Tapfumaneyi,” said Mliswa.

“FAZ has come in to destroy Zanu PF, the party cannot have anyone outside it running its elections. It no longer trusts its own security.

“Mnangagwa should know that when Mugabe was removed from power he was removed by this country’s security agents.”