City of Harare must not be barrier to investors – says Mayor as council climbs down on building inspection fees

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By Staff Reporter

CITY of Harare has rescinded an earlier resolution to hike building inspection fees, which were unattractive and pushing away investors in infrastructural development.

Speaking during a special full council meeting this week, the capital’s Mayor Jacob Mafume said Harare was open to investment, therefore, the decision to reverse the unpopular resolution.

During the sitting, councillors agreed to climb down on the city’s high inspectorate rates, which were pegged in United States dollars or the prevailing inter bank rate.

Following the recent announcement of new tariffs, residents have been trolling the mayor on social media, demanding a softening of the stance.

“We want to encourage investment, we want people to build so we don’t want to be an entry barrier as the council,” Mafume told councillors.

He revealed numerous complaints over the exorbitant US dollar denominated tariffs had been lodged with council, monetary and government authorities.

“Those who have building plans, who have instead been clogging my Twitter space and my WhatsApp, and those who have been making a beeline to RBZ and to the many offices that they have been going to complain about the issue about building plans…(we have listened).”

Mafume said residents and ratepayers were free to approach council to express reservations over its policies and programmes.

Individuals and corporates having qualms over the costing of building inspectorate fees were encouraged to approach revelant offices so there can be recalculations of the cost of building plans.