City Parking remitting money to Harare in local currency after receiving payments in US$; manager claims typo in financial statements

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By Darlington Gatsi

CITY Parking is embroiled in a currency scandal that may have shortchanged the Harare City Council, a Commission of Inquiry has exposed.

Recently, City Parking faced questioning by the Commission of Inquiry probing the Harare City Council’s operations since 2017.

The Commission of Inquiry which is chaired by retired judge Justice Maphios Cheda was appointed by President Mnangagwa last month and began public hearings Monday.

During their appearance, City Parking officials were scrutinized for the discrepancies in the currency used in remitting money to the City of Harare.

Despite billing United States dollars, City Park was remitting local currency to the Harare City Council for five years.

City Parking managing director, Simon Muzviyo, defended the company saying the country was using the local currency.

“It is not correct. In 2017 and 2018 remember that was the era where it was one as to one. Even the USD then after the inauguration of the 2019 S.I that converted to. So before that, it was USD and we denoted that in the ZWL,” said Muzviyo.

Unconvinced, the Commission pressed Muzviyo on whether the company had ever received payments in foreign currency from motorists.

Muzviyo acknowledged an oversight in the documents submitted to the commission.

“Even if you check our financial statements it is indicating the remittances were in USD, This was a genuine typing mistake. I will stand by the statement that there was an oversight in the prior years.

“I will advise the committee that there is an oversight on the ZWL denoted but I will stand with that the remittances done to the City of Harare were in the form in which they were received,” said Muzviyo.