Civic society organisations condemn political violence, demand arrest of Chamisa attackers in Gokwe

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By Darlington Gatsi

CRISIS in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC) has condemned the violence which took place at Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) rally in Gokwe-Kabuyuni Thursday, and called for instigators to be brought to book.

CCC was forced to abort its planned rally in Gokwe-Kabuyuni after Nelson Chamisa’s convoy was attacked.

Many supporters and journalists were injured during the incident.

CiZC spokesperson Obert Masaraure in a statement said they are concerned by political violence that is being witnessed in the country ahead of next year’s elections.

“The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition is alarmed at the increase in the levels of political intolerance, which is characterised by violence, targeting journalists and members of the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC).

“So far, no arrests have been made, and the police are yet to issue any statements regarding these acts of violence, which we expect to be nipped through swift and impartial action by the police to arraign the perpetrators,” read the statement.

Thursday violence came on the back of another attack on CCCs convoy in Wedza allegedly by ZANU-PF supporters.

CiZC challenged President Emmerson Mnangagwa to publicly denounce violence allegedly perpetrated by ZANU-PF followers.

“We further call on President Mnangagwa to publicly denounce violence within his party and live up to his own words, when – while addressing a Zanu PF Politburo meeting on Tuesday – he said, Zanu PF supporters should preach the gospel of peace, unity and love.

“It would be hypocritical of him to publicly denounce violence, while secretly condoning it, and in light of these recurring incidents, it is only prudent for Mnangagwa to call out his party supporters.

“Lastly, we urge the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to operationalise the Multi-Party Liaison Committee so that political parties not adhering to the Code of Conduct on elections are held accountable.