Civil servants demand bonus clarity as Govt offers 25% increase on USD salary component

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By Darlington Gatsi

THE government has tabled a 25 percent cost of living adjustment on the United States Dollar (USD) component of civil servants salaries, it was confirmed Tuesday.

The move appears aimed at stemming new industrial action by State workers who have long demanded that their full salaries should be paid in USD as a hedge against inflation.

On Tuesday, the Zanu PF administration invited the umbrella body representing civil servants, the Apex Council where they tabled the 25 percent offer with effect from the beginning September 2022.

State workers are currently paid US$100 and a Covid allowance of US$75, meaning the proposed adjustment would increase their USD salary to US$200.

Apex council president Cecilia Alexander confirmed the offer, but highlighted the need for an increase in the salaries of the civil servants.


“The workers acknowledged the increase but chose to wait for specific modalities on how this is going to be implemented,” she said.

“The employer did not offer or table any increase on the ZWL$ salary and the workers demanded that this be also reviewed without fail.”

Civil servants also registered displeasure on the School fees assistance to teachers which is currently pegged at ZWL20,000 per child.

Alexander also revealed that they have demanded that this year’s 13th cheque (bonus) should be in United States dollars.

“Government committed to paying the 2022 bonus in USD but did not provide any figures and, again, asked for time to consult on the payment details and the total offer thereof,” she said.

Teachers had vowed to embark on a full blown strike if salaries were not reviewed.

They argue that runaway inflation has decimated their salaries as the country’s economy continues to struggle.