‘Clayed’ Mutare journalist braves social media return as attackers in court

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By Staff Reporter

MUTARE based journalists Clayton Masekesa who bashed by a group of men among them soldiers and municipal police from the eastern border city returned to social media after a week’s hiatus.

Masekesa, an official at Mutare City Football Club, was reportedly having an affair with another man’s girlfriend.

He was humiliated by the group after reportedly walking into a trap.

Two police officers, two soldiers and two municipal security officials appeared before a Mutare magistrate facing assault and kidnaping charges after accusing Masekesa of cheating with their colleagues’ girlfriend Saul Tomu.

The freelance journalists’ pictures and videos of the torture went viral on social media. Masekesa announced his return in just one word: “Pachipamwe” meaning “I am back” in Manyika lingo.

This triggered a deluge of comments from friends and followers who wanted to know a bit more of what went down.

The media practitioner did not immediately respond to the comments, jokes and jibes.

One Sally Makombe gushed: “Clayton ‘Mudface’ Masekesa” in relation to Masekesa’s forced rolling in the mud by his captors.

Others urged Masekesa to stay away from other men’s women.