Close Mnangagwa ally in failed Kambuzuma land grab

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By Leopold Munhende

CONTROVERSIAL businessman and close ally of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Billy Rautenbach allegedly forged a Deeds of Transfer document to gain ownership of a residential area at the centre of a legal wrangle between him and Kambuzuma residents.

Speaking at a residents’ meeting on Sunday, MP for Kambuzuma, Willias Madzimure said attempts to remove residents from the area smacked of corruption.

The area (Subdivision A of Aspindale) that was razed down by government in 2005 during Operation Murambatsvina was then regularised before residents were asked to deposit US$600 into council coffers as part payment for ownership.

“The paper they used to transfer the deed is fake. It was joined corruptly. The company and Commissioner of Oaths are both fake.

“Papers show that there was a transfer but fail to clarify from whom the land was transferred,” said Madzimure.

“The 1961 papers are still there. There is nowhere it talks of Marimba Properties or Rothmans. Rothmans was only given a few powers because of what I assume was its relationship with Carreras. Nowhere does it talk of it being transferred to Billy (Rautenbach).”

Rautenbach allegedly claimed ownership of the land from a 1961 company, Carreras Ltd that has since shut shop and is not operational anywhere in the world.

Carreras Ltd still owns the land, according to the Deeds office under deed number 1523/61 Carreras Ltd.

The State however repossessed the land on which it has since pegged over 1 308 stands including schools and recreational facilities.

Added Madzimure: “If indeed you are not supposed to be here, why is government afraid of coming here represented by the Local Government or Lands Ministers to talk to you?”

“All this stinks of corruption and we will not allow them to destroy what you have built especially after doing the same in 2005.”

Rautenbach controls large tracts of land across the country and has influence in fuel and various other businesses where he is said to have protection from Mnangagwa himself.