Coltart denies $2 million embezzled from MDC coffers, says Chamisa not signatory to party accounts

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By Anna Chibamu

MDC treasurer general David Coltart has dismissed recent claims $2 million vanished from the main opposition’s coffers as reported by The Zimbabwe Independent adding that party leader Nelson Chamisa was not a signatory to MDC’s banking accounts.

Said Coltart in a Saturday statement, “The Zimbabwe Independent’s headline alleging the misappropriation of $2 million is false, baseless and appears to be an attempt to discredit the MDC leader and Secretary General.

“I am not aware of any money which has been misappropriated from MDC coffers by any official or party leader.

“President Chamisa is not even a signatory to our banking account and so it is impossible for him to have misappropriated money.”

Besides the newspaper report, this weekend social media was awash with claims that Chamisa and party secretary general Charlton Hwende have been spending lavishly on a woman at the expense of the main opposition.

Coltart dismissed such reports saying he has implemented measures with the help of Chamisa to make systems accountable and transparent.

“Since taking office last May as MDC treasurer, l have implemented measures to make MDC accounting systems accountable and transparent.

“Such systems include a strict banking culture and an agreement that compels our annual accounts subjected to an audit,” he said.

The former Education Minister said attempts by some to portray the MDC internal audit as some kind of investigation into alleged funds impropriety were @misleading and utterly false.”