Comedian Carl Joshua Ncube ventures into radio

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ZIMBABWEAN Stand Up comedian, Carl Joshua Ncube, continues to break new ground, as he has now ventured into radio broadcasting. 
Besides his flourishing comedy career, Ncube also runs a hotel in Kadoma, and other business ventures which include graphic designing and a television cooking programme. 
Ncube has joined the ZBC SFM morning breakfast show, The Morning Rush, hosted by McDonald Gurura. The programme runs from Monday to Thursday starting at 5.30am. 
In a brief interview with, Ncube said the show is designed in such a way that it makes radio more interactive.
“McDonald is in the studio and he calls me and we chat about the news of the day but the show is about making radio more interactive.
“We will launch a breakfast live show in a coffee shop for example and podcasts,” said Ncube.
Ncube said he started the show in December and has been using it to promote the country’s tourist attractions which he has been visiting to host his comedy shows.
The comedian said he likes using various methods to communicate with his audience and the broadcasting platform will be an added advantage.
He said the radio show will also afford them an opportunity to create and deliver content specifically packaged for Zimbabweans. 
“It’s the reason for us doing this show because we can deliver content and let Zimbabweans know what’s happening around the country and the world and it connects those from outside to Zimbabwe,” he said. Advertisement