Comic Carl parodies mad Chiyangwa video selfies Mimicking Chiyangwa’s incoherent and ridiculous video diaries … Carl Joshua Ncube (right)

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TRUST the master of stand-up comedy and one of the nation’s top social network personalities Carl Joshua Ncube to always wade into an issue that sweeps the country by storm, and he has done it again!
After a series of videos posted by Philip Chiyangwa on the internet, some of which appeared pretty incoherent, ridiculous and numb-skulled, Carl has recorded his own which have also since gone viral as he mimics the terrible coherence and lack of flow in language which is exhibited in the ‘Chiyangwa Diaries’.
The maverick and flamboyant businessman’s videos went viral and caught the attention of the nation and media; and definitely Carl as well.
And so Carl made his own parody!
“I just thought it was funny that people were recording their own parodies and many of them were coming from people outside the country who were recording and posting them and I just thought I should follow the trend and it is funny how people have responded to the video,” said Carl.
Recorded in Kariba alongside his wife Nelsy Mugadza-Ncube, the video has Carl talking about how he will be enjoying his holiday with his wife, the services of his ‘white’ chauffer, the ‘white’ music in the background, ‘white’ activities like swimming and mimicking the flamboyance and conceited ostentatiousness that is the hallmark of Philip Chiyangwa.
Add to that a few words whose pronunciations are flawed like Why-List for whilst, Carl nails the Chiyangwa pronunciation faux pas. After all Chiyangwa is the patron saint of pronunciation boobs when he is on top of his ‘kill the pronunciation’ game.
“I’m not sure he has seen my video,” admits Carl as he sits giggling in his avenues office, “But I posted it a while ago. He probably may have.”
Carl does his own Chiyangwa-like VIDEO