Consultant Arrested In Three-Day-Old Company Director Scandal

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

THE Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Commercial Crimes Department has confirmed the arrest of company registration consultant Philip Danga in connection with another fraudulent CR14 for Balwearie Holdings (Private) Limited.

Danga has since appeared before a magistrate in Harare’s Rotten Row Magistrates’ Court where he deposed to an affidavit admitting to the charges.

He said he was acting on the instructions of Zain Patrick Heyns and Lorraine Elizabeth Heyns.

Danga is the sole director of Philjoy Secretarial services (Pvt) Ltd.

Court papers say Danga misrepresented to the Registrar of Companies that his business was appointed secretary of Balwearie Holdings (Pvt Ltd) in 1979 when in fact it was only formed in 2002.

He further misrepresented that Lorraine Heyns was a director of Balwwearie Holdings (Pvt) (Ltd) and appointed to the office in 1979 when there is another CR14 which shows Director of the company without her name on it she could not have been a director in 1979 as her name does not appear on the CR14 dated in 1982.

According to the birth record, Lorraine was only three days old when Danga misrepresented that she was a director.

Danga is currently out on bail and he will be back in court on the 8th of April.

The matter came to light last year when Never Jofris, Zebediah Phiri and John Gwisalu were caught duping unsuspecting people misrepresenting themselves as employees of Balwearie Holdings.

Investigations show that the three sold 60 agro residential stands.

Balwearie Holdings has land in Kadoma.

The three were reported to the police and it emerged they were using a fraudulent document which stated that working for Zane Patrick Heyns and Lorraine Elizabeth Heyns who were named as directors.